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Power System Specifier

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Traffic Monitoring for US Interstate Highway

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City: Northeast US


To provide consistent power autonomy over a project area containing on-grid and off-grid power. Systems must remain active during severe weather and power outages.


SunWize® Power Online,  60 watt battery charger, 108AH 12V battery

The system solution is a grid-tied SunWize® Power Online consisting of a 60 watt battery charger and a 48-hour battery bank assembled in a standard aluminum pole mounted enclosure. This solution differs from traditional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems in that the SunWize® Power Online is outdoor rated for environmental extremes and power is always derived from the battery, so there is zero transfer time upon loss of utility power.

The system required rapid design cycle and delivery time. The ability to leverage a standard product platform allowed the systems to be designed, quoted, and delivered in ten days. The ability to build multiple systems in a short period of time allowed the contractor to meet their schedule demands. The commonality of components shared with SunWize solar systems, also deployed for this project, meant less time spent with the installation learning curve.