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Cathodic Protection for a Gas Pipeline in a Desert Environment

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City: Middle East - Arabian Peninsula


To provide a renewable power solution to replace the existing diesel powered engine generator. The system must operate in extreme desert heat, high humidity and a high dust environment with minimal user maintenance. The generator solution was not effective at meeting this goal.


SunWize® Power Station, 1920 watt solar array, 2400AH 24V battery

The system solution is a SunWize® Power Station, consisting of a 1920-watt solar array on a galvanized and painted support structure, a 5-day battery bank mounted in custom stainless steel enclosures with separate controls and cathodic protection regulation in a stainless steel enclosure.

The inherently sunny region provides enough power to easily meet the cathodic protection power demands while maintaining enough reserve for 5-15 days depending on the soil conditions. This solution is a tremendous improvement over an engine generator for loads varying from 40 – 250W since maintenance is minimized to twice annually versus the previous bi-weekly engine refueling. The estimated $30,000 annual fuel usage was eliminated and the customer realized a project payback in approximately twelve months.