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The Technology Trend Setter

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You are a technology enthusiast. When the latest technology arrives, you are always a step ahead of your friends. Whether it’s the newest smart phone, TV, or wireless device for your home, you are not just the first to own it, you are one of the first to figure it out. With each new advance in technology, you see an opportunity to improve quality of life and introduce better ways of doing things. As you evaluate your source of electricity, your mind turns to the newest renewable energy technology that is beginning to replace the way we used to generate electricity.

Exploring the recent advances in solar technology, you note that the costs have come down substantially, but also that the newer equipment has a sleeker look and more installation options to ensure it looks like it belongs on your home. The new equipment has enabled greater energy production and the ability to monitor the real-time performance of your system from anywhere you have an internet connection.

There are several important considerations when evaluating solar for your home. The most important ones for you, the Tech Enthusiast, are:

1) The Equipment: Understand the equipment that will be installed at your home and how it compares to other available products.
2) Aesthetics: Find out options to ensure your system looks as good as it performs.
3) Choosing an Installer: Make sure the installer you choose offers all the options that are important to you.

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