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The Utility Independent

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You work hard to provide the kind of life you and your family deserve. Living within your means has enabled you to buy the house you live in and take care of your obligations. If our entire country was as self-sufficient as you, we may not have experienced the credit and mortgage crisis. The notion of energy independence – eliminating the need for foreign oil appeals to you from both an economic and security standpoint.  

Eliminating the unpredictable increases in electric rates and locking in your electricity costs over the next 20+ years is one of the aspects of solar that appeals to you most. By installing solar, you are making one of the most powerful statements you can as to where your electricity comes from - taking that control back from the utility. Looking to the near future, when electric vehicle technology develops, you like to think about using your solar system to fuel your car – providing a real cost effective, reliable alternative to foreign oil.

There are several important considerations when evaluating solar for your home. The most important ones for you, the Energy Independence Buyer, are:

1) The Solar ROI: Learn how energy independence and financial independence go hand in hand.
2) The Equipment: Understand the equipment that will be installed at your home and where it comes from.
3) Financing: There are several cost effectively ways to put solar on your home. Find out which is the best deal for your specific situation.

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