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The Bill Crusher

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You pride yourself on making smart financial decisions that will benefit you and your family. Before making a large purchase, you research different options and shop for the best deal. As a result, you are able to save money for family vacations and a college education.

Having a family results in high electricity bills, especially in the summer. Running multiple loads of laundry, keeping the TV and lights on and running the A/C in those hot summer months results in a dreadful electricity bill each month. Solar power will help reduce your monthly electric bills and allow you to save for other purchases. Solar power is good for the environment and, more importantly, your wallet.

With electricity rates increasing 5% a year, the time to research solar power for your home is now. Electricity bills are high enough that you will pay for the system within 5-10 years, and after that you will be generating free electricity for your home. The current rebates and incentives for solar also help to drive the cost down.

There are several important considerations when evaluating solar for your home. The most important ones for you, The Cost Conscience Buyer, are:

1) The Solar ROI: Learn how energy independence and financial independence go hand in hand.
2) Financing: There are several cost effectively ways to put solar on your home. Find out which is the best deal for your specific situation.
3) Lower Bills: Find out how you can reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill with solar electric power for your home.

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