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Commercial Rooftop Solar Solutions

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Whether you are considering a turnkey SunWize commercial rooftop solar system for a new construction project or an existing structure, solar is a viable, cost saving investment.  

Features and Benefits

  • Systems are designed by SunWize based the unique characteristics of your facility
  • A significant portion of the commercial solar system's cost is paid for by taking advantage of state rebates, incentives and the generous 30 percent federal solar tax credit
  • Rooftop solar systems also cool the roof, which can extend the roof life and lower interior cooling costs
Design and Engineering
  • Systems are built utilizing ballasted racking solutions designed with a built in tilt
  • SunWize engineers have designed systems which are proven to stand up to severe wind loads and extreme weather
  • SunWize commercial systems are engineered to meet roof loading and penetration requirements to maintain any existing roof warranty you may have

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