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SunWize® Power Online - UPS battery backup system for DC power supply

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SunWize® Power Online Systems - a reliable UPS battery backup system providing DC power for utility connected equipment with continuous loads up to 1000 watts. Power Online systems convert AC primary power to charge a 12, 24 or 48 volts DC battery bank powering a DC load or an AC load through an inverter. Power Online UPS systems use grid-connected power with battery backup for outdoor applications and critical loads that must remain operational during power outages.

Equipment is always powered by the battery with zero transfer time when utility power is not available. DC power is available 24 hours a day with up to 5 days of battery backup power. Outdoor rated and temperature compensated for longer battery life, Power Online UPS systems are designed to withstand rugged transportation to remote sites. Each subsystem is fully assembled and factory tested before shipment.

Typical Applications for Power Online UPS battery backup systems:
• UPS battery backup • Security cameras • Weather stations • Traffic monitoring and safety (ITS) • Emergency power • Telecom power supply • RTU/SCADA backup systems • Wi-Fi power systems • WiMax network power

SunWize Power Online Spec Sheet

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